The Cura Parroco were Rev. Father Eusebio Valderama and Rev. Father Setorio, Rev. Father Teodorico Lungca who died in this place, Rev. Macario Ga, Rev. Father Emiliano Pardo, Rev. Father Waja, Rev. Father Santos, Rev. Claudio Magbanua, Rev. Father Antonio Manigo, Rev. Father Gotera, Rev. Father Morante and Rev. Father Pinero.

     The known teachers of long ago were Macario, a man from bohol, Jose Gonzales, Mareiana Dayagdag, Pascual Romanio, Claudio Onayan, Ana Castanilla, Martin Gonzales and Lazaro Segura.

     While Ayungon was a barrio of Tayasan, it was agreed among the prominent men of Tayasan and Ayungon that the officials of the town of Tayasan must be shared equally between the two places so that when a man from Tayasan is elected president the vice-president must be from Ayungon and vise versa. Pablo Tiongco was once a president of Tayasan and Buenaventura Borromeo was once a vice president of the municipality of Tayasan.

     Ayungon was under Tayasan for twenty thre years. The town of Ayungon was founded in 1924 through the efforts of the following prominent men: Mr. Pablo Tiongco, Buenaventura Borromeo, Benito Sanches, Apolonio Deguit, Gregorio Emperado, Esteban Mahinay, Salvador Emperado, Victoriano Embalsado, Ireneo Pael, Isidoro Mahinay, Nicolas Calumba, Juan Taburaza, Raymundo Pastor, Basilio Villegas and Antera Romano.

     This town was formally established in 1924 when Governor General Leonard Wood came purposely to see the place andappointed the temporary officials through the recommendationof the Provincial governor Enrique Villanueva. The following were the officials appointed by the Governor-General Leonard Wood; Benito Sanches as president and Timoteo Perez as Vice President and the following were the councilors: Apolonio Deguit, Nicolas Calumba, Juan Taburaza, Basilio Revelegia and Sulpicio Tiengo.

     The convention headed by the Provincial Governor which was held for the purpose of choosing the real officials, the following came out: Benito Sanches as president and Apolonio Deguit as vice-president. Basilio Villegas took the place of Apolonio Deguit as councilor. The other councilors appointed were also chosen by the conventionests.

     Benito Sanches was not able to finish the term because he died before the expiration of the term so that Apolonio Deguit the vice president took the place as president of the town.

     On the election of 1928, Julian Villanueva was elected as president and Juan Tabaraza as Vice President. Julian,